Travel Marketing Tips: How-To Get Free Articles & More Web Traffic Guaranteed

Nothing beats editorial articles and photos to increase mass awareness
of a destination, promote a tour, sell trips or increase your arrivals. It’s
great when you can get a qualified freelance or staff writer to visit and
publish a glowing article and photo.Who says you can’t write your own articles and get them published
easily? You can!If you have any inclination to write about your area of expertise in
tourism, here’s a resource I highly recommend that will give you website
traffic, quality inbound links and expert credibility, where you reading this article, is an online
searchable directory that allows you to post articles by topic for free.
These guys get a ton of website traffic and have many travel
and leisure related categories to place your articles.
Your articles or quick tips can’t be overtly promotional, but you can talk
about your region, sport, specialty knowledge or anything relative to
your travel offering. This can include a regional special events calendar,
historical sites of interest in your region, wildlife, culture, little know facts
or points of interest.You get to make it up. In addition to the article you will need to create a
compelling headline and 2- 5 sentence summary of the article so that
people read it, visit your website and call you for more info and
bookings.To also increase readership, you need to create the key word phrases
relevant to your article, so the 100’s of thousands of weekly visitors can
search and find your article by your chosen topic. Be imaginative.Article can be super short, 200 words or up to 1000 or more. You
get to choose.You also get an author’s resource box (1- 3 sentences about you and
your travel business) which allows you two links to your commercial
website and an authors photo. Both at no charge!——– RESEARCH FACT ———Powerful headlines and compelling brief introductions (marketing
communications copy) can increase your readership by over 150%.Guess what?This applies to all your marketing materials and
advertising too. If you have read my other tourism marketing articles on tourism websites and trade shows strategies, you know that headlines can increase your travel sales 100%, 200% or more.You have between 3 – 10 seconds to grab a prospects attention — or they are gone.Often forever.You spent a lot of time and money to get the prospects. Don’t waste your investment!When I posted my first eight business and marketing articles for tourism
professionals, I received almost 1,500 readers in only 3 months! And if
your articles are interesting and compelling, they will be syndicated
along with your author’s resources box and your URL to other websites
too – all for free.It gets even better.With the new 2006 changes in Google, one way inbound links carry
greater weighting and can really help with your search engine ranking. So you get quality traffic from readers, more inbound links and better ranking too.Another travel website link building tool I recommend is the Travel Portal Link Directory with over 184 travel, destination, lifestyle and informational websites that allow you to post your travel offerings with a website link – most for free. Once again you’ll get qaulity website traffic from real people finding your travel offerings on these portals, plus inbound links too.Don’t pass up this great secret tourism marketing traffic generators guaranteed to increase your web visitors and search engine ranking too .